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Excerpts from a string of e-mails between members of our family concerning the current election after revelations of massive exit poll discrepancies.

Source article Buzzflash 11/11/04


Thanks for the URL. As I told you long before the election, if Bush didn't win it, he'd steal it -- again. As a Gay man who, if you believe the Republican spin-meisters, is part of a group that so appalls the American public that they just simply HAD to vote for W to protect true AmuriKan values, I have decided that this was the last time I will participate in the election farce. I don't much appreciate being led on to believe that the process is meaningful. It makes me feel foolish when it's all over. I can handle feeling oppressed, since that is a baseline experience, but oppressed AND foolish is more than my fragile ego can tolerate.

Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.

—Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)


Don't let them make you feel stupid for voting. We have people defrauding the vote but that doesn't mean voting is stupid, it means we have to be smarter and more organized to catch the crooks. Am I missing something here? Do we want to let these crooks keep running things?

I'm outraged too but I'm fighting back. As you know, I feel the whole "war on terror" is a fraud, a cover for imperialism. We provoke terrorists or we do the terrorism on ourselves in order to have an enemy to justify our militarism. It's an old trick. We've killed 100,000 Iraqis and people can't believe our own government would be complicit in the events of 9/11 and kill a few thousand Americans? Of course they would. It has worked beautifully, it has manipulated people to permit preemptive war in Iraq to "defend ourselves". The whole project in Iraq is not self-defense, it's not democracy, it's about putting in a puppet regime, which we can't do until the country is sufficiently debilitated and the political opposition is killed off. It's disgusting and sick. We've got to fight this thing with truth. This month I've organized some people here and we're bringing a documentary filmmaker to Denver from Canada who has made a film on the events of 9/11. He's going to speak and show his film in Boulder and Denver next weekend. The more truth people get, the better off we'll be. Our media is not doing its job, it's terribly corrupt and biased.

If any of you are willing to watch a 75-minute documentary dvd on the events of 9/11, please let me know and I'll send it to you.



/Rant on

I am not so much outraged as sadly resigned--perhaps demoralized.Sometimes, the best way to defeat someone is to let them have exactly what they ask for. Let them have a society where Creationism is taught in schools after pious prayers to Jesus. Let them live in a society where space exploration will be impossible because they can't quite calculate how to get to Mars, since it, along with the Sun, revolves around the Earth, as the Bible tell them; where AIDS funds are administered by "faith based" groups like Jerry Falwell's "Liberty Baptist Church," where their wives and daughters will not be able to terminate a pregnancy even if the fetus will be born with two heads, half a brain, and an insipid, vacant smile (a Pat Robertson clone); where their Gay sons and daughters are lynched with impunity, where divorce is outlawed or made so damned difficult that uxoricide is preferable. Let them eliminate any affirmative action programs, social welfare, and be sure there is never any comprehensive national health plan. Let them incarcerate people and hold them indefinitely without charges or counsel, promote programs of torture, and, best of all, let them alienate the entire world with their smug unilateralism. Yep, Republicanism: a country of small government and big prisons. A land of free white straight Christian Evangelicals. A land where government stays out of your private life, as long as you deny you are Gay, decide never to have an abortion, pray until your knees are calloused, marry only people of the same race and different gender, and make only "private" decisions that their Jeheeeezuz would be proud of. I say, "Amen, brother, let 'em have it." In fact, I think we should reinstitute crucifixion for all of them who fail, in any way, to comport exactly with the Levitical rules they wish to impose on the rest of us by way of Constitutional Amendments. In the meantime, I'll take as much as I can, give back as little as possible, and look for jobs in other countries.

I had a difficult time bringing myself to vote in this election after the utter debacle of 2000. I am now sorry I bothered. Since the vote is meaningless, casting one simply conveys the impression that I have been taken in by the lie and lends a façade of legitimacy to the power mongers. I will leave governance to the religious leaders who now guide this theocracy. It's ironic, Tim, that this nation, which (so the myth goes) was founded in reaction to the oppressive lack of human rights in the "Old World" is now more oppressive than the society it rejected. I will not vote again, Tim, unless there is some sort of revolution that reinstates democracy and respect for human rights in this country. Unfortunately, since it is now clear that such a revolution cannot be brought about by ballots, it will, eventually, I am sure, be brought about by bullets.

/Rant off

P.S. The CD sounds interesting. I'd be interested in it to see what you are doing, Tim.


Thanks John. On one level I understand where you're coming from but on another I wish you'd continue to vote. It is a weapon we still have to fight this insanity and to put it down seems foolish. It makes it a hell of a lot harder for them to commit voter fraud if everyone votes, because it will be lopsided and everyone will know it. Here in Colorado, the voters kept Pete Coors out of the US Senate, so the system still works on some levels. Pete Coors is not just the head of a beer company--he is one of the founders and funders (going back decades) of the whole rightwing thinktank set (American Enterprise Institute etc) that has accomplished a takeover of the media and politics in this country. He's also an accomplished polluter (those Coors commercials "It's the water" are a joke...Coors has had serious and repeated pollution violations). He's fully aligned with the evangelicals and the bigotry exploiters, I can assure you. I know that like me you would rather see things solved through a cooperative system than through force and violence, and it says a lot about the deterioration of our system that you can only envision the right wing releasing their grip on power through some kind of violent overthrow. I think more likely we will see an Argentina-like economic meltdown, if the current bankrupting of our government continues. Then we'll have tons more poverty and the rudely-awakened Americans (unable to afford gas for their SUVs) will vote in left-wingers like they are doing all over Latin America right now and the struggle will go on. Better to head this off at the pass if we can. I'm sending you a dvd.


Good rant, John... I also tend to believe there may be a
violent revolution in the future but there are several other
futures somewhat more likely.

The domestic scene in the U.S. will almost certainly continue
in the same direction, i.e. those individuals having the most
power in government and business continue screwing
everybody else in ever more determined and coercive ways.

You think there might be a violent revolt, sometime. But I
see *nothing* to indicate such a buildup of pressure. I've
seen dozens of videos like Kilometer 0, We interrupt this empire,
etc. and have done a lot of street demonstrations here in
Seattle. John, there is no *broad* rebellion.

Most people, the unschooled and ignorant, manual laborers,
etc. are mushrooms. Immersed in a complete seamless fabric
of lies (school, media, church) from early childhood.

The smarter folks who ought to know better, *seem to think
they are elites* (oh hah hah! irony. ) In any case they seem
satisfied with their tract homes and multiple cars and possessions.
and their investments.

Most likely this will continue until sharp disruptions are
imposed from abroad. Either military defeats abroad,
or disruptions inside the U.S. Americans might do that,
as you said, "bullets" but surely it is more likely to come
from the other 95% of humanity. nuff said.

I expect nukes in containers, as one example but it would
also be ridiculously easy to disrupt the U.S. economy, shit,
just steal a truck, and jackknife it on the freeway at rush
hour, light it on fire, and escape on a fast motorcycle.
You might not even get caught. Or load up a flatbed with
a couple hundred concrete pier blocks, and 3 or 4 guys,
chuck them out the back end.

Or saw down some interstate power lines etc. or
just shoot an arrow over the top with a carbon fiber line.

My point is, nothing like this is happening because
there is no revolution. There aren't even 100 people
in the country, mad enough to have a shooting war.

Or foreigners either. If there were one suicide bomber a
week in U.S. malls, as the Palestinians did in Israel during
some intervals, it would hobble the economy. Most
Americans would rather quit their jobs anyway. Look
how hard IT people worked during the dotcom bubble.
Now they have totally completely QUIT, since their
dreams of 6 figure incomes were punctured.

There must be cookbooks with 1000 negative ideas...
But don't expect Americans to do it. Americans think
they are the beneficiary class of American war and
imperialism. That is the most ironic lie of all, since our
kids are the cannon fodder, our kids must pay the deficit,
and our kids must breath the pollution and suffer from the
hatred and cynicism we are creating in our generations'
insatiable greed and racism etc.

The revolution that must happen is, ACTIONS which
illustrate the moral bankruptcy of the ruling elites
and destroy their legitimacy. When a population believes
the government is morally illegitimate they do act.
Republicans exploited religious views on abortion -
the pro life movement I think, has been such a powerful
part of their success we should all reflect on it. First
of all, reasonable people disagree whether a fetus has
rights. Mom described the nurses in her team would
bring the fetuses back to the back room and they
would sometimes live for minutes or hours, it was
so hard for them to watch. Why do we let the ruling elites
polarize the country, label progressives as pro-abortion,
and then resume their tax cutting and wars and plundering
the environment as a result??? Is it worth it?

The power elite are, today, vulnerable on the slaughter
of innocent people in Iraq and other countries. This is
one, key area where the legitimacy of the federal government
will collapse, when the truth of it, is reported on the media.
That won't happen of course, so people like Tim and I
are producing public screenings and sharing DVDs
with our friends. Eventually we will have community
wireless networks and the broadcast and cable TV will
be left behind.

The videos themselves, such as A Force More Powerful,
illustrate the power of nonviolent action, publicity schemes,
building awareness... the common theme is, wherever the
legitimacy of a ruling party becomes questioned by a
large fraction of the people, change happens.

Too much for now!
Love you all,
Wage peace,


I agree that there will be no revolution, either by violence or by election.
Perhaps, if the EU becomes economically strong enough, they can encourage us
to do things like treat all citizens equally, eliminate the death penalty
for children, and stop torturing POWs by simply refusing to do business with
any American company until the changes are made. I have no delusions about
the prime motivating factors in American society: paranoia and money.


Tim- How GREAT to hear you're organizing screenings! We do that here too...
http://www.epjc.net/events/events.htm etc. etc.

Please send me the DVD and tell me which of my DVDs you
want to see. I'm lending my DVDs to my friends directly.

Mad and not taking it anymore. DVDs cost 40 cents and
DVD burners cost $50. Let's jump on this. First you build
your hand-to-hand radizdat community. Then you have the
possibility someday, there are friends nearby enough for
point to point wireless. At some point there are enough
progressive people per square mile, for ad-hoc routing, for
multipoint distribution. and you've really got something.
Free, owner-operated telephone and broadband service.
My writings...


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