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Saturday before the event. Amphibia erected old style with block and tackle - no crane

Blaze on wrench

Sunday afternoon, looking towards Center Camp

Sunday night before the cover went on

Blue skies

Dusk Thursday after big blow

Looking at our back camp from the tower

Inside Amphibia

Some of the art inside

"Charcoal Man" on Monday

Moonrise Monday night, the tree is made of bones

The eclipse

The arsonist caught on film ...

.... enlarged

The man burns early

Charcoal Man

"Phoenix Man" built in 68 hours with a Phoenix cut from the shoulder of Charcoal Man on the face

Arms up, just before the burn

Going out in a blaze of glory

Huge liquid propane blast to start the burn

Crude Awakening, 90' tall

One of the sculptures at Crude Awakening taking on a Tesla coil

Huge liquid propane blast dwarfs the tower

Mass amounts of liquid propane forced up the tower

The Temple of Forgiveness, Friday after the storm. A memorial to those who have left us.

Lots of heart

Original concept drawning

The temple burn

Entry portal to Center Camp made from bicycles abandoned the years before. Ready source of spare parts for many burners.

The Tree House

Chill room at Root Society in 60' dome

The 90' dome of Root Society

Art cars waiting to register at Dept. of Mutant Vehicles, next door to Amphibia.

Art cars waiting to register at Dept. of Mutant Vehicles, next door to Amphibia.

The Clan Destino Pyrobar, built by Blaze in '04

Camp wedding at the Temple

Deep Playa Art Tour

Blaze, just can't get enough

Getting the paint on at Planet Amphibia

Blaze before ...

... and after 'the burn'

Tom and Bellequa

Big Rig Jig

From the Arche of Dreams performance at Amphibia

GI Joes ushering Barbies into the ovens

Typical playa transportation

Random blocks ....

.... how cool is that?

The Danger Couch, and Danger Lounger at Planet Amphibia

BBQ in the DPW ghetto

Just another bar in the middle of nowhere. Note the "Yellow Bike", painted green. 1300 of them for public use

Spinning fire cages, very pretty at night

Fire Conclave stage, massive fire cannons

In keeping with the Greenman theme

Chevy 500 V8 powers this walking machine

The Toaster, built in Mr. God's shop by AZ Burners, keeps a warm perimeter, and makes toast.

... into the early morning hours

Sunday night, all that stands of Amphibia....

... with view of back camp

The Friday whiteout approaches ...

... gasp cough

Even worse, Monday load out halted by 13 hour whiteout, 30 MPH winds until 2 AM

Aerial veiw - FYI: large file. Amphibia can be seen just above Center Camp on interior edge

After the Friday storm

Royce (Mr. God) Architect and prime mover of Planet Amphibia


My sincere thanks to all of photographers whose work I have reproduced here