This eerie photograph of the instant of nuclear detonation represents the daunting complexity and the horrific implications of mankind's survival in the 21rst. century. Below are assorted links to help network our awareness and encourage everyone's participation in the decisions that shape our experience here.

Zenzibar Link directory
From The Wilderness Peak oil and government watch dog reporting
Indymedia Independent Media Center
Common Dreams Independent reporting and link directory
In These Times Since 1976, fighting for workers’ rights, corporate accountability and progressive government.
Union Of Concerned Scientist Citezens and scientist for environmental solutions
Transcend Peace reporting
Rosehill Anti-War Local WA group doing their part
Peacemaker Community Socially Engaged Buddhism
Divest Israel Financially disengaging from illegal occupation and blockade of Palestine
Center For Public Integrity Investigative journalism in the public interest Navigating toward a financially intimate world
AtKisson How to effect change in culture provide useful information to people who would not obtain this information otherwise
Move On focuses on nonpartisan education and advocacy on important national issues.
Human Kindness Foundation Bo Lazoff's site, Human life is very deep, and our modern dominant lifestyle is not Self-awareness, links Illuminating inconsistancies in government and corporate actions
True Majority Social justice advocates
Environmental News Network Independent media on environmental issues
Food Not Bombs Grassroots group feeding peeps
AFSC Quaker values in action
Transcend International connects autonomous individuals and centers working on peace by peaceful means
Zeitgeist: The Movie Must see perspective on world infuences


January 23, 2009